Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Born with 4 arms and legs

This little girl, Lakshmi was born with 4 arms and legs. Her parents are from a rural Indian family, in the northern state of Bihar, INDIA. Her parents named her Lakshmi after the Hindu Goddess of wealth who has four arms. As the news of her birth spreads, locals waited in line just to get blessings from the baby. However, her parents were forced to keep her in hiding after they were approached by men trying to buy their daughter to put her in a circus.
In scientific terms Lakshmi is called “parasitic twin”, the twins that stop developing in her mother’s womb. The survicing fetus absorbed teh limbs, kidneys and other parts of the undeveloped fetus. The two spines are merged; she has four kidneys, entangled nerves, two stomach cavities, an extra torso and limbs but no head. She cannot stand up or walk. It was joined to Lakshmi at the pelvis.
On November 2007, More than 30 surgeons took 27 hours to not only remove two of Lakshmi's arms and two of her legs but also to rebuild much of her body and save her organs. The chances of death were as high as 25 percent. The operation went well and Lakshmi has made steady progress. Later, she was taken off a respirator and her parents were allowed to visit.
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