Thursday, February 3, 2011

Huge Lake in Chile Disappears Overnight

Before                                                                                     After

In May 2007, a huge lake in Chile literally disappeared overnight. The only things left behind was a giant, 30 meter deep pit, icebergs, and dry soil!

All of the water and its contents were gone.  Despite the fact this strange incident took place more than two years ago, word is just now getting out about it.  As word is finally starting to spread across the internet, UFO enthusiasts and paranomalists are putting forth theories as to how something like this could have happened.
This wasn’t a small lake or pond, either it was approximately five miles long! Located in Patagonia, Chile, the last time geologists saw it was in March 2007 and nothing appeared strange or different about it at all.  What could have happened within just two short months?  How could a giant lake disappear out of nowhere?  In addition to the lake simply vanishing, a river that flowed from the lake was reduced to a very small stream.
When this story first broke, many people thought it was just a hoax, and indeed it does seem too bizarre to be true.  It is true, however, despite how baffling it is.  Apparently the icebergs were still left behind---intact, despite the fact that the water was gone. Geologists also report huge cracks at the bottom of the pit.  Did the water somehow drain through the cracks?  Was there some sort of earthquake?  Why then were the icebergs fine?
One glacier specialist, Andres Rivera, explained to a Chilean newspaper that the lake itself did not even exist three decades ago.  So, is it possible that the landscape in that part of the world is reforming itself?  Geologists and glacier specialists are currently doing tests to see what they can find out about the bizarre landscape in that area. 
While some are holding out to see if there could be any scientific explanation about what happened, some media reports are trying to claim that the water was actually drained by UFO’s!  Is this just media sensationalism, or something more?  Whether there is a scientific explanation for what happened or paranormal, only time will tell. 
One theory scientists considered was that an earthquake in the area opened a fissure in the earth, which sucked down the lake. Southern Chile experiences hundreds of small earthquakes a year, and a fairly large tremor was detected on April 21 2007. The fissure observed in the empty lake bed could have provided an outlet for the lake water to escape, much like a stopper being pulled from a sink. This isn’t the first time a lake disappeared out of nowhere.  There have been a few instances in the past where an earthquake caused water to drain.  The only problem with this theory in this case in point is that there had been no reports of any earthquakes in that particular area in spring of 2007. 
A second possibility draws in part on global warming and the melting of glaciers. Glacial lakes often develop behind natural dams, which are made of ice or a pile of rock and earth debris a glacier leaves behind (called a moraine). Once the dam is broken, whether by an avalanche, earthquake, warming or other event, water bursts through and the lake sometimes drains.
But in early July 2007, scientists got their answer. An investigation has revealed that too much water was the problem. The melting Tempano and Bernardo glaciers filled the lake beyond the crater's capacity. The increased pressure broke the lake's moraine through which water flowed out, later ending up in the ocean. The lake is refilling as the chunks of ice on the lake bed melt.
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