Sunday, February 6, 2011

Unsolved Mystery Of The Phoenix Lights and UFO's

Was it a space ship flying over the earth seeing what we were doing? Was it looking for someone to analyze? How could thousands of people be so wrong about what they saw on that night back in March of 1997? In Nevada, Phoenix and Tucson, you could se the lights that lit up the sky.

No, it was not the city lights of Nevada, it was something in the sky. This mystery was called the Phoenix Lights. The span of the lights was said to be three hundred miles. The lights were seen between 7:30 PM and 10:30 PM. Two things were reported. A triangle shape appeared to be passing over the state while stationary lights were seen in Phoenix. The government described the Phoenix stationary lights as flares being dropped from a A-10 Warthog, many people had doubts.

One of the persons that saw a UFO, carpenter square shape in size, was the governor of Arizona at that time. People in Prescott Valley and Prescott described seeing a large object blocking the stars in the sky. It was described as being huge. The cluster of lights that everyone had seen could not have been a plane or flares. The National UFO Reporting Center did receive a confirmation from an astrophotography that saw a V-shaped clutter of lights move from the northwest to the northeast.

An experienced aircraft flyer reported that he knows it was not a plane because it was moving slower than a plane and was only about one thousand feet above ground. Everyone saw the magical lights move across three states. No one was more surprised than the governor was. He never came forward. He held a press conference to say that they caught the person responsible.

One pilot for the National Guard said it was him that night dropping flares. The report of this explanation was not published until July of 1997. Everyone that seen the lights know it was not flares or an airplane. They saw lights in the sky that moved differently than planes and were shaped differently.

Is it possible that some day we will experience first hand an alien encounter? Could the government prevent this? Is there a cover up to hide the truth from us? If so, why? Why should we not be allowed to know that aliens have landed or that they are indeed visiting our skies? The Phoenix Lights are a mystery that may have already been answered behind closed doors. Will it be to late when we are finally told about all the mysteries around the world that come from the skies? It may already be to late.

Other UFO mysteries:
A "fireball" craft photographed by SK from Las Vegas. The craft looks very much like the one photographed by Diaz, in Mexico (see above).
1990-Wallonia, Belgium-This photograph was part of the Belgian Wave of 1989-1990. Taken by J.S. Henrardi on June 15, 1990. Mr. Henrardi released all copyright ownership to the photograph in 2003, making it available for public use. The object very closely resembles the Petit Rechain triangle (further down page), also part of the Belgium wave. The triangles were reported by hundreds of witnesses during the wave over Belgium        
 1995-Kazakhstan, Russia. A picture taken by Semyon Teglyov in the region of Bogadinski, Kazakhstan, on April 27, 1995. An excellent photograph of the traditional shaped flying disc

 ET: does it realy exist?

This allegedly alien skull was found in Bulgaria in 2001
 A creature that was found in Chile, having distinctly humanoid features yet extremely small.
This is the alien from the infamous Santilli footage. Many indications prove the footage just like the alien are fake.

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