Saturday, February 26, 2011

World's Most Expensive Foods

Matsutake Mushrooms
Matsutake mushrooms cost in the realms of $1,000 per pound and this puts them at one of the world's most expensive food looking for a good venture might want to look into it.  This is partly due to their rarity as the mushrooms are killed by an insect that kills the trees necessary for these mushrooms to grow. There is still currently no method of farming the Matsutake mushroom, so any entrepre Japan.

Wagyu Steak
Wagyu steak is from Wagyu cattle raised in Japan. The most elite of all is Kobe beef which is raised on a diet of only beer and hand massaged in order to ensure tenderness and marbling. They are incredibly expensive (around $2,800 per steak) and unfortunately also incredibly fattening.

Almas Caviar
Very rare and so extremely expensive, Almas Caviar is sold by the kilo and comes in a solid 24 karat gold tin. It also comes from Belua that is over 100 years old. If you really want to pull out all the stops for your dinner party, then Almas Caviar is an absolute must. It will set you back around $25,000 per tin.
For chocolate lovers who want to take their devotion to the extreme, the most expensive chocolate in the world is the $2,600 per-pound Chocopologie. It can only be ordered and is always handmade and purported to be the tastiest chocolate in the world. The name sounds eerily like 'apology' and this would certainly be a guaranteed way for any man to win some brownie points.


The Fleurburger could only have come from Vegas. With a price tag of $5,000 it has to be the most expensive burger in existence and can be purchased from the Mandalay Bay's 'Fleur de Lys'. This price tag is partly the result of the beef being Kobe beef and also containing foie de gras, a truffle source and served on a brioche bun.
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