Sunday, February 20, 2011

World’s smallest horse

Thumbelina is officially the world’s smallest horse, born as a dwarf to a miniature horse. She is merely 17 inches tall and weighing only 60 pounds. The title as world’s smallest horse was conferred on her in 2006 when the five-year-old entered the Guinness Book of Records. The real-life My Little Pony was born on an American farm to a couple who specialize in breeding miniature horses.

Normally these horses weight about 250lb and rise to a height of 34 inches when they are fully grown. But from the day she was born it was clear that tiny Thumbelina would never grow to that size. She weighed in at only 8lb – the size of a new-born baby - when she was born. Eventually she grew to just 60lb. She lives on a cup of grain and a handful of hay, served twice a day. She is expected to live to the age of 17 years because of her size – normal horses live for about 35 years.

While she has the ability to get pregnant and give birth, the Goessling family has decided not to allow this to happen. There could be complications during the pregnancy, they believe, so it is better to avoid the risks. And also they don‘t feel it is right that the gene which creates dwarfism in horses be carried on through future generations.

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