Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Amazing Pens

Color picker pen – really cool!
For all those out there who buy cosmetics online, “life is like a box of chocolates” You never know what color you are really going to get. Now there is a practical solution for these fashion fiascos – an ink pen by Korean designer Jinsun Park called the color picker pen. It works much like the eyedropper tool on Photoshop, this pen captures colors as they naturally appear in real life and then these colors can be used for physical drawings. A sensor detects a color in an object and then matches the scanned color to a color display. An RGB cartridge (red, green, and blue) then mixes inks in the right proportions to create real ink that is the same color as the color scanned into the device.
Brando pen
This device is a classic “jack of all trades/master of none”, in that while it does a wide variety of things, it doesn’t do any of them terribly well. But however, it’s a multifunctional gadget with 1GB USB thumb drive, MP3 player, voice recorder, FM radio.. and by the way it’s a pen!
Lipstick pen
The Lipstick Pen is a fun and funky handbag accessory that looks like red lipstick! A great novelty gift, these Lipstick Pens are light, compact and extremely useful. These fab mini pens will fit neatly into any bag or pocket, ready to be whipped out to write notes, autographs or phone numbers when you are out and about.
Syringe like pen
Syringe shape injection pen with colored inks. Looks like the real thing! Unique product for the medical profession. Perfect for doctors’ offices, radiology labs, hospitals and more.
Shredder pen
The young ladies are going to love this shredder pen. There are so many secrets for the young fillies, and here’s a way to write them down and then shred them right up, Nixon-style. It’s downright therapeutic. There’s also an FM radio inside with an attached earphone.
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