Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boy born with tail

Cases of babies with “tails” surface occasionally. One of the most known is a boy named Balaji born in 2001 in India. Many believed the boy was a reincarnated Hindu god, Hanuman. The Indian baby’s “tail” was 10 centimeters long, and the boy was being exhibited in temples throughout India, where people paid to see him. Indian newspaper The Tribune said the boy’s grandfather showed journalists nine spots on the baby’s body, which is what Lord Hanuman supposedly had.
However, scientifically explained, this is rather called Genetic throwbacks - evidence that our distant ancestors possessed tails. Throwbacks are accidental expressions of long-dormant genes - in this case, one that results in the production of a tail. Human embryos normally have a prenatal tail that measures about one-sixth of the size of the embryo itself. As the embryo develops into a fetus, the tail is absorbed by the growing body. The developmental tail is thus a human vestigial structure. Infrequently, a child is born with a “soft tail“, which contains no vertebrae, but only blood vessels, muscles, and nerves, although there have been several documented cases of tails containing cartilage or up to five vertebrae.

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