Thursday, March 10, 2011

The clock that spells out time

Have you seen a clock that doesn’t even have numbers! Yes, the QLOCKTWO is a clock that tells you the time in words. How does it do that? Well it has a quadratic matrix embedded with letters of which some of them are illuminated. The time is displayed at the interval of every five minutes. Incase you want a more accurate time,  just look at the illuminated dots. The QLOCKTWO is handmade in Germany by Biegert & Funk.

This interesting clock has a brightness sensor that helps illuminate the letters and adjust the brightness accordingly. It is very easy to set and once it has been set properly, tells the time accurately without setting it manually again. It can be mounted on the wall. The QLOCKTWO Clock comes in a variety of funky colors including, black, purple, green, yellow and silver, and are available for about $1565 .
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