Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fish with Human Teeth

Frank Yarborough, an angler who got the shock of his life when he caught a mysterious fish near the Buster Boyd Bridge weighing five pounds and was almost 1 foot, 8 inches long. He thought it was a catfish when he scooped it up with his hand only to discover that his fingers were clamped between what resembled a set of yellowish human dentures, as if from a person who never brushed his teeth!

A freshwater fisheries biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Mr. Robert Stroud has confirmed that samples from the fish, believed to be a distant relative of the deadly piranha. It is more than likely a common species of Pacu, Colossama macropomum, originating from the Amazon River basin of South America. According to Stroud, the teeth of a Pacu are known to grind down and they resemble molars.  It is said that tribesmen from the Amazon, in an attempt to intimidate their enemies, sport sets of Pacu teeth around their necks because they so greatly resemble human teeth.

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