Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Creative Coin Bank

Mini Arcade Coin Bank
This mini-machine is actually a coin bank that encourages you to deposit coins in exchange for games. Every time you drop a coin, you start of a new game

Robby The Robot Coin Bank

Its one of the all-time coolest robots in the world of SF. Robby's a coin bank now, it accepts and even counts your coins.

Money Savvy Coin Bank

 With this one the personal finance education starts at a young age. It has four compartments - save, invest, spend

Compulsory Coin Addition Bank
 It will wait for you to add coins to it every day, if not, it'll send coins all over your desktop. Plus it got an interesting shape and seems to act like it too.

Digital Counting Money Jar

 This smart jar counts every coin that goes through it and sums up your total deposits and displays them on the screen

 Glass Break Money Box
 The only way you can retrieve the money is by breaking the glass.

 Golden egg Coin Bank

Design by Jansen+co, and inspired by the fable of the Goose with the Goldenegg by Aesop

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