Friday, March 4, 2011

Man survives with knife in head for 4 yrs

A 37-year-old man is recovering at the People's Hospital of Yuxi, Yunnan Province in China, after a surgery last Saturday to remove a blade that had been stuck  in his head for four years.The strange discovery shocked doctors of Yuanjiang County Hospital, as well as patient Li Fu's family members, after an X-ray examination on January 2011.

Li had apparently gone to the hospital for examination after being puzzled by his continous bad breath and splitting headaches.A knife pierced his skull and stayed in the nerve and vascular intensive area," said neurosurgeon Luo Zhiwei of the People's Hospital.The blade entered through his right lower jaw, went past his tongue, nasopharynx and muscles with the tip almost touching his brain.

Doctors carried out a four-hour operation from 8.30am to take out the 10-cm long, 1.8-cm wide and 0.24-cm thick blade.And the cause? Li Fu's younger brother remembered a robbery case four years ago, when Li was stabbed in his right lower jaw. At the local hospital, doctors sutured his wound and injected anti-inflammatory needles. Police later caught the robber but found only a shank without a blade.The wound healed well, so he did not accept further examinations.
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