Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toilet themed restaurants

You can roll your eyeballs, but a number of restaurants with a toilet theme that have opened around the world namely China, Taiwan and Malaysia. These restaurants are reportedly attracting large queues of waiting customers .One such establishment in Chongqing offers normal ice creams and soups with names like "haemorrhoids bloody excrement", "chef's special-constipation black excrement" and "diarrhoea”..yikes !! The interior is decorated with toilets made into chairs and sinks made into tables, with food served in loo-shaped bowls or urinal-shaped mugs. In Malaysia, one can find the T-Bowl restaurants at Sungai Wang Plaza, (3rd floor), Queensbay Mall, (3rd floor), Sunway Pyramid (1st floor) and Melaka Raya.

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