Monday, March 21, 2011

Unusual jobs with high pay!

1. Court Reporter
If you enjoy spending the day updating your status on Twitter or Facebook and have therefore learnt to type as quickly as someone talks, know a bit about the law and don’t mind potentially earning over $100,000 a year, then this is the perfect job for you. Enormously flexible and very well respected, court reporting is great if you like being your own boss and setting your own hours. Equally terrific because you’ll be able to find a court no matter where you live, and even better, this job does not require a degree or even university attendance.

2. Crab Catcher
If you’ve ever watched the show “Deadliest Catch” on TV, you’ll have some idea of what these guys do as a job and will completely understand why they get the big bucks. Catchers have to compete with the unruly seas, competition from boats from other companies as well as a declining king crab population and their pay cheque is only a healthy one if they catch their target amount. Working with heavy machinery and susceptible to injuries like losing limbs, crab fishing has a 75% higher fatality rate than pilots, flight engineers and loggers, the next most hazardous occupations. If working for 3 months of the year sounds good to you, all you have to do is avoid drowning or dying from hypothermia.

3. Pet Psychologist
When your Rover won’t roll over or your Puss is being a wuss, you might have to look past a pet trainer or vet and call someone who specialises in pet behaviour to solve your problems. Having studied psychology and zoology a pet psychologist analyses the pet’s confidence and security inside and outside of the home to find the source of an unwanted problem. By studying the contrast of their instincts and social rituals in their natural habitat as well as around humans, they observe and redirect the behaviour that is causing an issue. Top pet psychologists can be earning in excess of $90,000 a year!

4. Golf Ball Diver
If you’ve ever played a round of golf before, it would be safe to say that you’ve probably lost at least one ball. At around 18c a ball (more for better branded balls), multiply that by the number of people that play every week and again by the number of courses there are in a highly populated city and we’re talking a lot of golf balls and a lot of cash. However, this job is not without it risks, as Happy Gilmore would agree, some water hazards come with vicious sharp toothed reptiles. Stories of golf ball divers swimming with 900 golf balls tied around their neck means this job requires some scuba skills too.

5. Greeting Card Writer
Think about all the reasons you would need to buy a card in your life…Birthdays, get wells, sympathy, support & encouragement, new borns, graduations, mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, the list goes on and on. Greeting card companies are always encouraging writers to submit their ideas for new cards on a regular basis; and if you are good enough, these companies will be willing to pay you handsomely to keep you writing for them. A job that can easily be done from home and doesn’t require complex contracts, writers just need to know how to express an appropriate message in a few succinct words. It is reported that one idea can net you $150, so 2 cracking ideas for each day of the week will see you ringing in the New Year with a $100,000 pay cheque.

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