Monday, April 4, 2011

America's smallest apatrment?

A US woman, Felice Cohen has spent three years living in a 8.3 square metre room in New York's Upper West Side. It is so tiny that the ceiling is less than 60 centimetres from her face when she sleeps while the bathroom is so cramped that she has to sit on her side to use the toilet.

Ms Cohen says it's been worth it, with her rent coming in at just $US700 ($672), while her neighbours pay around $US3000 ($2880) for a small apartment to live in the exclusive Manhattan enclave. She found her 12ft by 7ft 'microstudio' through a friend and cleared out all the furniture left behind by the previous tenant - the clutter was so bad you could see just a thin strip of carpet on the floor.She then installed a desk with shelves about it on one side and a dresser behind a curtain on the other.Above the dresser and towards the back of the room she installed a bunk bed style frame for one person with a short ladder.

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