Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facebook updates via post

Imagine this. Your parents, your cousins and everyone else in the family is active on Facebook but for your grandparents who either don’t use a computer yet or find Facebook too confusing and therefore stay away from it. Well, the good old way is to print your status updates and any photos that you may have recently uploaded to Facebook on paper and send them to her via snail mail just like a newspaper. There’s an interesting Facebook service called PostEgram that will automatically create full-colored printed newsletters of your status updates and your Facebook photos and it will send them to your loved ones via post.

It works something like this. You authorize the app with Facebook Connect so that it can access your pictures and status updates. Then select profiles of your Facebook contacts who you want to include in the newsletter. Finally, pay via PayPal and you are done. The service starts at $5 per month.
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