Friday, April 22, 2011

Top 3 most beautiful royals

 1st place: Princess Grace

2nd place: Queen Rania

3rd place: Kate Middleton

A dating website recently conducted a poll for top 10 most beautiful royals on 127,000 people. The Telegraph report American actress Grace Kelly, who became Princess Grace when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco, topped the list with 91 percent of the vote. Queen Rania of Jordan followed with 90 percent. Kate Middleton, who is set to marry Prince William on April 29, has been selected third most beautiful royal, a poll showed. Middleton finished ahead of the late Princess Diana at fourth place.
The poll also showed top 10 beautiful men in royal families. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden took the lead with 88 percent, followed by Prince Andrea of Monaco with 80 percent and Prince Frederick of Denmark at 76. Prince Harry and William took the fourth and fifth spots with 66 and 65 percent of the votes.

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