Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Best Snow World Experience

My Happy Family and I at the Genting SnowWorld, Malaysia  (taken on January 2010)

Here’s something I would like to share. A personal incredible experience!

Since I was a kid, I have always been wondering how it would feel like living in a country with four seasons and experiencing winter season in particular.  Though we are much fortunate to have a stable, warm and wet climate throughout the year in Malaysia, still I was wishing for a miracle snowfall here once in my lifetime. My dream almost came true when I had a chance to follow my college tour to Genting Highlands. Cuddled in winter jacket and boots, I excitedly entered the Genting SnowWorld and Wow! The view inside was awesome. I had a real feeling of what a snowy winter is like. Of course I didn’t miss the chance to make a snowball. Unfortunately, not even 10 minutes as I was exploring the winter showroom, I started to shiver.  As I felt numbness on my hands and toes, I realized I can’t stand even a minute anymore, thus made an exit.  Feeling disappointed not able to join the fun my friends were having, I wished for a second chance to visit SnowWorld. A funny thought crossed my mind; maybe the next time I come here, I should gain some weight and get lots of fat underneath my skin to be able to withstand the cold freezing environment inside. 

And guess what? I did make a comeback to SnowWorld couple of years ago with my family on New Year. Reminding myself the past experience, I took my family into the SnowWorld. To my surprise, I spent an hour of joy and fun with my cousins and rest of my family members.  We had snowball fight and my little cousins attempted to build snowman.  The Snow Slide Ride was definitely my best experience of all. I screamed while sliding all way down as it stole my breath away! We eventually had a family photo snap to be kept and cherished as a wonderful memory.  Overall, I felt worth the money experiencing the freeziest moment, fun and excitement at Genting Snow World.

I'm looking forward again for the next trip to the upgraded new SnowWorld. I am expecting more fun ,uniqueness and surprise this time. Can't wait to experience it!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The one and the only standing cat!

Toe Mouse

The toe mouse is created for those who have a hand or arm disability. All one need to do is to slip it on like you would a flip flop.  Pretty cool!

Solid gold iPad

Stuart Hughes, presents his blinged out version of the Apple  iPad, the iPad Supreme Gold edition. The iPad is made of 22 carat gold and the little Apple logo on the back is encrusted with 53 diamonds.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mobile book reading culture in Japan

Mobile phone novels (keitai shousetsu) have become a publishing phenomenon in Japan. Keitai was the name given to the culture surrounding people who authored books on their mobile phones and delivered them via the cell phone platform. The first book known to be written entirely on a mobile phone was a novel written by Japanese fiction author Yoshi back in 2000. In Japan, cell-phone books have already won respect as an emerging culture.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The coolest office

The bizarre workspace in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is home to Davison, a product-development company whose inventions are sold in Wal-Mart, Target, FAO Schwartz, J.C. Penney and many other major brands. Master inventor George M. Davison, the founder and CEO of Davison, has been described as the Henry Ford of inventions and after founding his company in 1989, moved his staff in 2006 to Inventionland hoping his staff would be inspired by their wacky surroundings. 

source: Daily Mail UK

Monday, July 18, 2011

Royal Teeth Tattoo

As part of the Royal Wedding mania on April 2011, British plumber Barmy Baz Franks, 29, got a dentist to use ultrafine brushes and stencils to paint images of Prince William & Princess Catherine on his teeth. He payed £1,000 to submit to six hours in a dentist’s chair in order to have it done. The temporary ivory art, will last roughly three months, depending on how much Barmy Baz Franks brushes. 

The tiger dog and the panda chow chows

The latest craze among some dog owners in China to dye their pets to look like other animals. Above are the few examples.

Creative Towel Origami

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Garden creativity

World's steepest roller coaster

Fuji-Q Highland is a well known amusement park in Japan. It just added a very special new attraction: the world’s steepest roller coaster called as Takabisha. The roller coaster accelerates to 100 km/h, has a 43m drop and a 121-degree beating the former record holder, the Le Timber Drop in France, which measures “just” 113.1 degrees. One ride takes 112 seconds and costs $12.50.

Cool Bed Design

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rare frozen bubbles in a Canadian lake

Photographer Emmanuel Coupe is a participant in the 2011 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest for this photo of frozen lake in Canada. Spotting frozen bubbles on the lake is rare. They never appear in the same place twice. Check out these mesmerizing pictures from his amazing shoot.

Cat loves ice-cream too

Monday, July 11, 2011

The frozen aquarium

Kori no Suizokukan is a unique frozen aquarium located in Kesennuma, Japan. This aquarium displays 450 frozen samples of 80 different underwater species. All animals are taken from the nearest fishing port and freezed using instant freezing method.

Hair necklace

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Japanese girlfriend lap pillows

Previously, the Japanese manufactured the so called boyfriend arm pillow. The incredible success of the spawned what the Japanese manufacturers are hoping will be the male equivalent – the girlfriend lap pillow. Unlike the boyfriend arm pillow which has a heartbeat and is soft and snugly, the girlfriend lap pillow comes with realistic-to-the-touch legs and a tight short polyester skirt in your choice of black or red.

The mind-blowing Morning Glory Pool

Morning Glory Pool is one of the most colorful features in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The distinct color of the pool is due to bacteria which inhabit the water. Sometimes Morning Glory Pool can erupt as a geyser. 
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