Thursday, August 25, 2011

Triplets born 11yrs apart- its possible!

Have you ever wondered about the possibilities for twins/ triplets to be born 11 years apart? Although the three of them were conceived on the same day, Ryleigh came 11 years after her twin sisters. This was possible due to the frozen embryo technology. While the first two fertilized embryos were implanted back in 1998, the third one has been frozen up until 2010. Out of 24 eggs collected from Mrs Shepherd by doctors, 14 were successfully fertilized, 2 were implanted and the other 12 were frozen. The pregnancy went smoothly and twins Bethony and Megan were born healthy.

9 years later when the Shepherds decided they wanted another baby, they went to the same clinic and used one of the embryos stored years before. The doctors warned the parents there was the possibility the body would reject the frozen embryo, but fortunately this didn’t happen and Ryleigh was born healthy, although 11 years later than her twin sisters.
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