Thursday, February 23, 2012

The girl who can remember last 24 hours only

Jess Lydon, 19 suffers from a rare brain disorder making her able to remember only the last 24 hours. She can’t recall what she did yesterday.Yet a year ago the promising performing arts student memorised the entire script to take the lead role in a production of We Will Rock You. She is diagnosed with Susac Syndrome in November 2011, a rare disease with only 250 reported cases in the world. Victims have been mainly woman between 20-40. MRI scan revealed white lesions on Jess's brain. She has suffered sight and hearing loss, severe headaches, confusion and an aversion to natural light. Jess, being cared for by mum Tracey at home in Walsgrave, West Mids, said:"My life is ruined and my memory has gone. I have no past — just the present.

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