Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Best Snow World Experience

My Happy Family and I at the Genting SnowWorld, Malaysia  (taken on January 2010)

Here’s something I would like to share. A personal incredible experience!

Since I was a kid, I have always been wondering how it would feel like living in a country with four seasons and experiencing winter season in particular.  Though we are much fortunate to have a stable, warm and wet climate throughout the year in Malaysia, still I was wishing for a miracle snowfall here once in my lifetime. My dream almost came true when I had a chance to follow my college tour to Genting Highlands. Cuddled in winter jacket and boots, I excitedly entered the Genting SnowWorld and Wow! The view inside was awesome. I had a real feeling of what a snowy winter is like. Of course I didn’t miss the chance to make a snowball. Unfortunately, not even 10 minutes as I was exploring the winter showroom, I started to shiver.  As I felt numbness on my hands and toes, I realized I can’t stand even a minute anymore, thus made an exit.  Feeling disappointed not able to join the fun my friends were having, I wished for a second chance to visit SnowWorld. A funny thought crossed my mind; maybe the next time I come here, I should gain some weight and get lots of fat underneath my skin to be able to withstand the cold freezing environment inside. 

And guess what? I did make a comeback to SnowWorld couple of years ago with my family on New Year. Reminding myself the past experience, I took my family into the SnowWorld. To my surprise, I spent an hour of joy and fun with my cousins and rest of my family members.  We had snowball fight and my little cousins attempted to build snowman.  The Snow Slide Ride was definitely my best experience of all. I screamed while sliding all way down as it stole my breath away! We eventually had a family photo snap to be kept and cherished as a wonderful memory.  Overall, I felt worth the money experiencing the freeziest moment, fun and excitement at Genting Snow World.

I'm looking forward again for the next trip to the upgraded new SnowWorld. I am expecting more fun ,uniqueness and surprise this time. Can't wait to experience it!

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