Tuesday, August 7, 2012

World's Ugliest Dog

Much recently, in June 2012, XinXiang Chinese residents were left terrified after spotting a bizarre creature that looks like a genetically modified pig or a strangely coloured mini-horse. The creature had strange-coloured skin and hairless body also slightly resembling a pig convincing the residents that it could be a mistake of genetic experiment. However, police discovered that the creature is actually a very expensive breed of dog called a Chinese crested hairless dog. The alien breed is known to regularly feature as a contender in the annual World's Ugliest Dog contest held in California. In 2011, A Chinese crested dog named Yoda had won the World's Ugliest Dog contest  with $1,000 and a trophy 15 times her size after she was officially celebrated as the World's Ugliest Dog. 
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